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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, this is thanksgiving weekend for us up here in Canada. Is it as hectic for you as it is in my house? I love spending time with the family- the kids get to jump on their relatives instead of me, and what's not to love about that?

Seems like you spend the entire day preparing a meal that is consumed in roughly 8 1/2 minutes though. Honestly- as much as I love turkey, and the sweet potatoes with caramel sauce and pecans...... Oh yes- as much as I love them, I do wonder about the sanity of it all. Maybe we should look at pizza next year.

However, we do what we do because we love our families (most of the time) and we like to spend the time together, and because it isn't often that you go through this kind of chaos for a meal (at least not in my house). And there are some things that I do just love on thanksgiving.... like the sweet potatoes. I am not big on the potatoes with the marshmallows in them. Nope, mine are mashed with butter, cream and paprika, covered in pecans, and smothered in a caramel sauce made with nothing but butter and brown sugar. Then they are baked at 350 just until the topping starts to bubble. Mmmm.... just like candy.

 Holidays are also a time that I like to experiment on family with new recipes- like a brownie pie made the other day (not so great. I like my brownies better). So, if you have a favorite recipe, do share!

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