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I am a mom of 2 very energetic but amazing kids, and a crafter after they are off to bed. That's my work over on the left, linked from my Etsy shop.

Etsymom Valentine's Treasure Hunt

Join the Etsymom team for some Valentine's Day fun- a treasure hunt!

Beginning February 1st, search for the secret Valentine's day icon hidden in one of the participating shops' listings. Find them all and enter to win a fabulous gift basket filled with goodies donated by Etsymom artisans.

Beginning February 1st, visit the Etsymom blog ( etsymom.blogspot.com) for a list of Etsymom shops participating in the treasure hunt.
Each shop on the list has hidden a little Valentine's icon in a picture in one of their listings. These are the pictures to look for:

These icons are tiny, so look carefully in each of the images. Once you have found the icon, copy and save the URL for that listing.
Repeat for each of the participating shops, and once you have found the treasure in each shop, send your list of URLs by email to etsymomteam@gmail.com.

You only need to send one email, but make sure you include the link for each of the listings you found with a treasure hunt icon. Your name will be entered in the draw for one of three gift baskets filled with donations from the Etsymom team.

Deadline to enter is V-day, of course- so good luck and happy hunting!