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Friday, December 10, 2010

How did - I - become.... vintage???

Etsy holly day blog hoppers- one post down and you will find the cranberry goodness you have come for, as well as the link to Cinnamon Spice's blog.

I was browsing through some Etsy shops the other day, looking at all of the fascinating, interesting, and some just plain strange things that are out on the market today. It is such a curiosity to see what kinds of things people in the past have collected and created. Kinda weird, once again, but curious.

It dawned on me, while wading through the memories for sale, that some of mine might be in there too. In the vintage section, I mean. I am dating myself here- but to qualify as vintage it must be 20 years old or more. Gads. This means that my youth- everything from my Duran Duran tapes to the Francois et Marithé Girbaud jeans I loved so much- all qualilfy for the vintage section.

I regretted tossing those jeans (tossed not that long ago- I was holding on for sentimental reasons, reminders that I was actually once that tiny chicky). They were awful- well, first rate back in their day, with the high waist and such. I guess I should have kept them- maybe I could have sold them for a few bucks and afforded a holiday flavored latte (how did coffee get to be 5 bucks a cup???)

So, here I am, in the vintage section. VINTAGE. ack.
I need a glass of wine- which in my youth I would NOT have appreciated with the fine sense that I have now.

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